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The right kind of subfloor preparation is a key factor when deciding to create a longer lasting floor surface.

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Subfloor Preparation

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Surface preparation is a vital part of any contract. Improper or inadequate preparation can cause premature failure of even the best flooring systems. Good design and subsequent installation practices to receive flooring products or systems are essential for the success of the finished floor. Elite Flooring Solutions are able to tackle most problem floors for you!

Dust-Free Floor Preparation

“Dust-free” surface preparation of concrete floors, prior to the application of coatings or screeds should now be the industry standard. With modern dust extraction systems, there is no need for any contamination of dust in the working environment. Elite Flooring Solutions use up to date dust extraction systems connected to our shot blasters, scabblers, and diamond grinders.

Shot Blasting

The most effective and economical concrete preparation is fully enclosed, dust-free shot-blasting. The correct profile for paints and screeds to be applied to your your concrete surface can be acheived simply by adjusting the speed of travel and size of shot.


Scabblers using Tungsten Carbide Tipped flails or picks can give a coarser profile suitable for epoxy screeds and pumped screeds, by giving a much coarser texture and better mechanical key.

Diamond Grinding

Diamond Grinding can be used in it's own right to smooth out irregularities or for toning down the ridges caused by scabbling. A combination of all subfloor preparation systems can be or may have to be used for any one floor.

Sub-Floor Preparation methods

To minimise problems and save possible additional costs, it is essential that site surfaces are to specification and adequate for the intended use. We provide the following sub-floor preparation methods.

  • Dust-free grit blasting
  • Mechanical planing
  • Scabbling
  • Grinding
  • Abrading
  • Priming
  • Floor glue
Screeds include:
  • Feather finish
  • Water based screeds
  • Low odour screeds
  • Latex screeds upto 30mm
  • Damp proof membrane
  • Sanding and buffing
  • Plyboarding

Our experience of matching suitable flooring products and services to situations in the commercial and industrial fields is second to none - it ensures we provide you with product advice for the most appropriate course of action.

For more information on our sub-floor preparation services call 07984 476605 or email us